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Sixads enables your eCommerce store to exchange user traffic with other stores that have Sixads installed. Select products from your store list, and six random products are advertised on stores with Sixads.

A summary of how the app works

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  1. Install “Sixads” plugin.
  2. Set up your ads.
  3. Adjust your settings and targeting.
  4. Review your results.
  5. Start scaling your ads that work best.


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Upon installation, we will ask your permission to add the deleted product, updated product and added product webhooks. This way we will be able to track the changes of the products in a store instantly.

WooCommerce shop admin page

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After the plugin is installed a new tab will appear in the admin page. You can check the privacy policy there and, after clicking the link, you will be redirected to the main Sixads app dashboard. In order for this extension to work, a user must add a short tag [sixads] to the pages where the advertisements will be shown.

Sixads onboarding procedure

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After you visit the Sixads admin page for the first time the onboarding procedure will begin. The onboarding procedure is used to set up your ads and start your campaign. You will be asked to select at least one product to advertise and will set up other configurations. You can change the ads’ title, category and subcategory. This will affect where the ad will be shown. Using machine learning we try to advertise your products in similar categories as the product itself. After the onboarding procedure, you will be able to track the performance of the ads in the analytics tab.

Paid features

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There are paid features in the plugin. You can choose which countries to advertise your products in, not show any ads from other stores and your ads will be boosted. Boosted ads will appear more often in other stores and will on the left side of the Sixads banner.

Methods of payment

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All the payments are done via the PayPal gateway. Depending on your residence country, you may need to create a PayPal account in order to proceed with the payments. You can start a payment from the Sixads dashboard.