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Social Login Pro for WooCommerce


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Allow your shoppers to login and checkout with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live, VKontakte (VK.com), PayPal, Amazon, LINE, Disqus and login with Email.

Minimum Requirements

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Below are the minimum requirements to use the plugin.

  • cURL is required for the plugin to function.
  • To allow sign in with Amazon, you must use an SSL for your site.
  • PHP version 5.3 or greater (PHP 5.6 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)
  • WordPress 4.4 or greater

The Plugin Settings

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New Account Email Template
Choose new account email notification type. This option allows you to choose whether you want to send either WordPress or WooCommerce new account email, when user registers via social media.

New User Default Role

Select the default role you want to assign when new user register they account via social login.

New Account Email 

To notify users while they register by any social media network enable this setting.

New Account Email to Admin

To notify the admin when a new user registers through social media enable this setting.

Redirect URL

Provide a redirection link for users once they log in with social media network. Make sure the URL must begin with either https:// or http://

Auto-registered Usernames

Select an option to create username based on unique ID & random number or based on real name or an email ID.

Display Settings

Add Social Login buttons on:

For adding social login to the default WordPress login page/WordPress registration page enable this setting.

Social Login Title

Add Social Login Title text here

Social Buttons Image/Text

Here you can completely customized the look of the social login buttons. Use image as buttons options allows you to upload custom image and Use text as buttons allows you to display custom text buttons.

If you use image as buttons then you will get options to upload image for button as below:

Same for other social accounts settings.

If you use text as buttons then you will get options to set the text for button as below:

Social Buttons Position

Choose from the above options for positioning the social login buttons. You may also choose custom hook for exhibiting custom form.

Using a Custom Hook

This is only recommended if you know what you’re doing. If you want to have the Social buttons on a special place added automatically on which you want to display, then you can use the following code within your theme:

do_action( 'woo_custom_social_buttons' );

woo_custom_social_buttons can be any name you wish. Place that code in to the specific place within your theme where you want the social buttons being displayed and then use, in our example woo_custom_social_buttons, within the WooCommerce Social Login Pro Settings Box and copy and paste it in to the Custom Hooks field.

GDPR Settings

Enable GDPR

Enable this setting to Enable GDPR notice on social login.

Privacy Page

Choose a page to act as your privacy page.

Social Login Privacy Policy

Enter the text with your privacy policy link to show above the social buttons.

[privacy_policy] – Display privacy policy page link

WooCommerce Settings

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Add Social Login buttons on:

Enable this setting to add social login buttons on WooCommerce login page/Registration page and checkout page

Add “Connect Your Account” button on:

For permitting customers to connect their accounts on Thank you page/account page enable this setting.

Buttons Effect

Here you can select effect for the social login buttons.

Provider Settings

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Most providers have similar settings (aside from PayPal and Apple). You can find settings for each provider under Social Login > Settings {Provider Icon}.

Facebook Application

Create a Facebook application before you begin to use Facebook for social login.

Enable Facebook

To Enable Facebook social login registration select this setting.

Facebook App ID/API Key

Enter Facebook API Key.

Facebook App Secret

Enter Facebook App Secret.

Facebook Valid OAuth Redirect URL

You can get a valid OAuth URL from here.

Facebook API Locale

Select your preferred language for Facebook interaction. This option will enable you to state the language you would like to use while communicating with Facebook.

Enable Facebook Avatar

Enable this setting if you want to use Facebook profile pictures as avatars.

Custom Facebook Icon

Upload personalised Facebook icon.

Custom Facebook Link Icon

Upload personalised Facebook Link icon.

Paypal Application

Create a Paypal application before you begin to use Paypal for social login.

Enable Paypal

To Enable Paypal social login registration select this setting.

Paypal Client ID

Enter Paypal Client ID.

Paypal Client Secret

Enter Paypal Client Secret.

Paypal Callback URL

Enter Paypal Callback URL.


Select which environment to process logins under. Either sandbox OR live.

Custom Paypal Icon

Upload personalised Paypal icon.

Custom Paypal Link Icon

Upload personalised PayPal Link icon.

Apple Application

Create a Apple application before you begin to use Paypal for social login.

Enable Apple

To Enable Apple  social login registration select this setting.

Apple Client ID

Enter Apple Client ID.

Custom Apple Icon

Upload personalised Apple  icon.

Custom Apple Link Icon

Upload personalised Apple Link icon.

Connect Social Networks with a Plugin

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You can follow our social network API creation tutorials to create and connect the social network APIs. By creating social network APIs you will get API credentials that you need to configure within the plugin settings.


Social Networks api Creation Tutorials


Add social login widget

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Want to add social login widget? just go to Appearance and click Widgets.

Find the “Social Login Pro for WooCommerce” widget and drag it to the place you want. You can add a title of widget. One added, on a frontend it will look like the image below.

Add a Shortcode for Social Login

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Using Gutenberg editor

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As shown in the image below you can add WooCommerce Social Login Pro block to your page & post.

Custom settings for the block will be available in sidebar where you can eliminate OR select the social network buttons.

Social Login Heading

Enter social login heading here

Activate Social Networks

Select social networks you want enable for this page/post.

Redirect URL

Enter a custom redirect URL of a page to redirect a user on this page once they get registered via social media. Leave it blank to use current page URL.

Restrict for Page / Post

Enable this setting if you want to Restrict social login buttons for pages and posts so, it will be displayed only on pages and posts.

Button effects

Here you can select effect for the social login buttons.

Social Login Frontend

After inserting shortcode, on a frontend it will look something like as shown in the image below. It depends on the settings you used.

Social Login Monitor Page

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Admins can view primary social profile information by visiting “Users” menu. A new column for “Primary Social Profile” can be found as shown in the image below.

Admin can view primary and linked social account information in the user edit profile page as well.

Frontend View

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Here are the front-end user experience:

Receiving User Information

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Please refer the table for information that can be accepted by the plugin from each social network.

Network First Name Last Name Username Email ID Picture Cover Picture
Window Live


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Facing any troubles? Submit a support ticket and we will help you to troubleshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about the Social Login Pro for WooCommerce extension.

After login with Twitter, it redirects me on login page to enter email address.  Why?

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Twitter doesn’t provide an email address when the user logs in, so we need to ask users to add email address for the first time so that we can link that email address to their account.

Does Facebook login require an https site?

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If you are using Facebook app version 2.12 or greater, it will require https for your site. For more information please see here.

How do I get a user’s email address from Twitter?

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To get users email you need to enter Terms of Service URL and Privacy policy URL and tick Request email address from users option in a Twitter App that you have created. Please check the screenshot below.

Does Social Login Pro working with caching plugins?

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Yes, it will work with any caching plugin.

While logging in with Facebook, I’m getting this error. “ERROR in: Graph (#200) Missing Permissions.” Why?

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Yes, it’s due to the latest Facebook Graph API update. Please update it to the version 7.0 as shown in the screenshot. and check. It should work.

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