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Store Locator with Google Maps

Setup and Configuration

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Adding new store location:

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You can add multiple store locations and view them on a grid to perform bulk actions. Note: Before adding your first store location, it is recommended to add timetables, tags and holidays. While adding a new store location you can:
  • Customize store slug (URL)
  • Enable store and add its title
  • Add store address and description
  • Add store email, phone number
  • Add Zoom level (1-18), higher zoom level shows the location closer on map
  • Add store latitude and longitude to show location pin
  • Add store meta title and description
  • Select store time zone and timetable
  • Select store tags and holidays
  • Search and add products available in store
Steps to create Timetable, Tags and Holidays are stated below. Once they are created, you will be able to select them in this store creation form.

Adding timetables:

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Go to Store locator > Timetable to add new timings for different stores. While creating a new timetable you can:
  • Enable time table
  • Add a title for future reference
  • Enable days and specify the start, break and end time for each day

Adding Tags:

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You can add multiple tags and attach them to the relevant stores.

Adding holidays:

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You can create holidays and add the start and end date of each holiday. Once the holidays are created, you are able to attach them to relevant store locations.

Configuration Options:

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The extension offers extensive customization options to configure the store locator as per your requirements.

General Settings:

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  • Enable meta title and description of store locator page
  • Add default map latitude and longitude
  • Add API key
  • Set map zoom (1-18) – the map will be zoomed to its maximum
  • Add icon for stores and change marker with custom image
  • Enable holidays, tag, timetable and available in stores section on the product page and also customize its position
  • Shortcode to display store finder section on any page

Search Settings:

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Customize the default search radius and maximum radius for Google maps search.

Manage Links:

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You can enable the footer link and customize its title.


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Enable styling and change the icons and colors of different buttons and labels used in the extension.


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The customize tab allows you to change the tiles and labels of different buttons used in the extension.

How to get API Key:

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You will first need to set up Maps JavaScript API within your account settings before being able to enable Google Maps on your website. Click here to get your Google API Key.  For more details, refer to this Google Maps API documentation.