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Preventing fraud via Stripe Radar

Online credit card fraud is a real concern for ecommerce merchants. However, when you connnect your Stripe account via the Stripe WooCommerce Extension, your site is protected from fraudulent purchases thanks to Stripe Radar.

What is Radar?

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Radar is a machine learning tool developed by Stripe that uses real data from millions of merchants to identify fraudulent purchases. This machine learning technology will assign a risk level to all purchases made through the Stripe WooCommerce Extension — which can completely block fraudulent purchases.

Radar can also be configured to automatically block purchases based on criteria you set.

How do I configure the Radar settings for my Stripe account?

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It is not currently possible to configure or adjust Radar’s settings — which are often called Radar rules — from within the Stripe WooCommerce Extension.

With Radar rules, you can allow, block, or require a review for purchases based on criteria you set, including but not limited to:

  • The country a card was issued in.
  • Card brand used (e.g., American Express).
  • The type of card used (e.g., debit cards)
  • Geographic information.
  • Order amount.

Radar rules can be configured directly from your Stripe account dashboard here.

How do I enable Radar?

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Radar is built into Stripe, so it is active from the moment your Stripe account is created. Radar for Fraud Teams is available if you’d like to get additional control over your Radar rules and gather further insights.