Wishlist Member Integration

Wishlist Member for WooCommerce is an eCommerce management tool that allows you to sell memberships on your (membership) site as well as other (digital) products. Use any payment gateway that WooCommerce has to offer to process payments. PayPal is recommended if you need recurring membership payments within Wishlist Member.

Note: This product is no longer for sale at WooCommerce.com, and the documentation is not being updated.


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  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Install Now and Activate the extension.
More information at: Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions.

Setup and Configuration

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  1. Set-up Membership Levels in WL Member
First of all you set-up your membership levels within WL Member. In this example below it’s the Tester Level.
Wishlist Member Levels
Wishlist Member Levels
  1. Configure WC Wishlist Member Integration Extension. Start filling in the fields.
  • Fill in the Post-url, which in most cases will be your blog / store -url, with the trailing slash. For example, http://www.mywoostore.com/ . DO NOT use the Wishlist Member’s own Post url found under WL Member -> Integration -> Generic -> Post URL.The one with the word “register” in it. ( Example: http://www.mywoostore.com/index.php/register/CEFZdr ) That one won’t work.
  • Choose the SKU prefix you’ll be using to set-up Membership products in WooCommerce.
  • Next up is setting up the confirmation e-mail. Just fill in each field. For the message you can use three placeholders : [login_details] , [first_name] and [last_name]. Make sure you include [login_details] otherwise the customer won’t see their Login Details like username, password (generated by WordPress) and the login URL. Normally the WordPress login URL will be used, but if you have another set-up for logging in customers, you can check the box and fill in your Custom Login URL.
    Confirmation Email Settings Wishlist Member Integration
    Confirmation Email Settings Wishlist Member Integration
    Note: the customer will get 2 emails. One for the order and one with the above message. The email uses your standard WooCommerce Email design.
  1.  Create Membership Products
When you’ve filled in all the settings. Open up  the WL Member -> Integration tab in your browser and choose “Generic” from the System drop-down menu. Here you’ll find several details you need for configuring the Extension and setting up your Membership products in WooCommerce. As seen on the left in the picture below. Mainly you’ll find the SKU’s for your membership levels here. But also the SKU’s for your Pay per Post levels. These can also be used to set-up WooCommerce products in the same way as Memberships. To add a Membership in WooCommerce go to Products -> Add Products. Fill in all the required fields as you please. As seen on the right in the picture below. But make sure that:
  • in the Product Type box you choose “Simple Product” and enable “Virtual”  and
  • in the Product Data box you fill in the SKU-field with your chosen Prefix  and the SKU from the corresponding Membership level you found in step 2.
Set up your Membership Product in Woocommerce
Set up your Membership Product in WooCommerce
For example : WL Member SKU is 1323122497 + Wishlist Member Extension SKU Prefix is WL# = Product SKU WL#1323122497
If you don’t see the SKU-field in the Product Data box, enable it through the WooCommerce > Settings > Catalog Tab under “Productfields”.

Selling Memberships

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Wishlist Member for WooCommerce creates a Membership product, which you can use as other products and start selling.


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The order goes through fine, but the customer is NOT added to the Wishlist Member Members Check with your webhost to make sure the open_basedir setting is turned OFF and cURL is working. You want to sell the same Membership on more than one product WooCommerce by default does not allow for duplicate SKU’s. If you want to enable duplicate SKU’s, you can use a little plugin like this one: Allow Duplicate SKUs. Note: please use this at your own risk since duplicate SKU’s can cause issues with things like import/export of products. The customer does get added to the Wishlist Member Members, but doesn’t get added to the correct Membership Level Please check, double-check, if you copied, or typed in, the correct SKU number of the Membership Level into the SKU box of the WooCommerce Product and that you used the right SKU prefix.