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Cart Reports

Cart Reports for WooCommerce provides real-time metrics on open and abandoned shopping carts. Keep tabs on customer carts and manage your online store more efficiently.


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  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go toWordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Install Now and Activate the extension.
More information at: Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions.
Note: We recommend at least 128MB memory when using Cart Reports for optimal performance. Some reports can be quite memory intensive. More at: Increasing WordPress Memory Limits


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Cart reports provides three ways to keep track of how your customers are managing their shopping carts.

Dashboard Widget

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WooCommerce Cart Reports Dashboard Widget
WooCommerce Cart Reports Dashboard Widget
The Cart Reports Dashboard widgets shows how the quantity of recently abandoned carts. A field for lifetime carts keeps a tally of all saved abandoned carts.

Cart Table View

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The Table view offers detailed cart information in list format. The table list view can be accessed at WooCommerce > Carts. The Table view allows the administrator to filter carts by date last updated, Cart status (Open, Abandoned, Converted) and Customer, including Guests, for guest carts. Unless the cart is converted, and contact information has been assigned through the billing fields, guest carts do not contain any contact information, but do contain ip address if the option in selected in the settings. For each cart in the view, cart table view shows:
  • Cart Description: Name of the user who created the cart, or a “Guest” label if no customer information is known.
  • Cart Status: Abandoned, Open, or Converted
  • Last Online: Shows the date and time of the last time the customer loaded a page on your site with an open cart. This could include viewing a shop page, but also includes viewing non-shop pages as well, including your general site content.
  • Products: Products in the cart
  • Actions: Available actions for the cart, including “Email Customer” if customer information exists, or “View Order” when viewing a Converted Cart.


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The bulk of the reporting features are located in a new, custom “Carts” tab in the Reports section of the WooCommerce dashboard. Select “WooCommerce” then select “Reports,” and you’ll notice the tab at the top of the screen to the right of the Stock tab. The reports section of the extension contains the following features:
  • Carts By Date: Visualize your store’s cart activity by a custom date range to keep tabs on customer trends and activity.
  • Carts By Product: Examine cart activity for individual products, and see how individual items have been abandoned over custom date ranges.


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Settings for WooCommerce Cart Reports is available on the general settings screen under WooCommerce > Settings .  WooCommerce Cart Reports Settings   Role Exclusion lets the shop owner control whose carts are tracked. Omit guest carts entirely or prevent Administrator carts from affecting the reports.


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What types of customer information does WooCommerce Cart Reports store?

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Cart reports stores cart contents, user agent string, ip address (if checked in the admin area) and cart conversions. Cart reports will save personal information if entered in the checkout and shipping is calculated, through the checkout Ajax hook.

If a customer leaves the store, then returns, does the cart become open again?

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Yes… potentially. Prior to WooCommerce 2.0, cart reports keyed carts on session IDs, which appeared to be less volatile than Cookies. If the browser/user does not clear the cookies, the cart should persist.

Can I automatically send out notifications to users who leave carts abandoned?

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No, Not Currently. This is planned for a future release. The “Actions” column in the cart view and the cart detail view will provide an email address if available. That is currently the only way WooCommerce allows you to contact the customer.

How can I clear all the carts from the database?

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You can clear the carts (and leave settings intact) by visiting the Plugins overview listing (Click on Plugins in the dashboard) In the WooCommerce Cart Reports section, you’ll find a Clear Carts Link. Click the link and click to confirm, and ALL past cart data will be cleared. This action cannot be undone.

Questions & Support

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