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WooPayments: Tap to Pay on Android

Tap to Pay enables merchants to accept card payments using their phone only. No need for specialized hardware!


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Tap to Pay on Android is supported for U.S. merchants whose Android device meets all of the following requirements:

  • Contains a functioning NFC antenna and chipset
  • Device is not “rooted”
  • Device bootloader is locked and unchanged
  • Runs Android 10 or above
  • Uses Google Mobile Services
  • Has a hardware-backed keystore
  • Has stable connection to the internet

Application Download & Installation

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  1. Make sure you have WooCommerce and WooPayments installed and activated on your store.
  2. Download the WooCommerce app for Android. If you already have the app installed, ensure that it has been updated to the latest version.
  3. Follow the instructions to register and/or log in.

First Time Setup

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When viewing the details of an unpaid order, tap on the “Collect Payment” button, then tap on “Card”. You will be given the option to collect the payment using Tap to Pay on Android or a Bluetooth Reader.

After selecting “Tap to Pay on Android”, since this is the first time using the feature, the app will check that your device is ready to use Tap to Pay.

Collect Payment

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NOTE: Tap to Pay on Android can only collect payment in USD. If the customer uses a different currency, Tap to Pay on Android will not be available to collect payment.

Tap to Pay on Android can be used with orders created within the app or orders that were placed by customers on your site that have a status of “Pending Payment”. To collect the payment for an order:

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab and tap on the order you’d like to collect payment for.
  2. Tap on the “Collect Payment” button.
  3. Select the “Tap to Pay” option.
  4. The built-in reader will prepare to take the payment and then display the payment screen.
  5. The card or phone used as the payment method can be tapped on the area indicated.
  6. The app will process the payment and, once completed, offer to send or print a receipt.

Tap to Pay on Android can also be used to collect Simple Payments for a quick transaction. This option can be found by navigating to the Menu tab in the app, then tapping on “Payments”, then “Collect payment”.

First enter the amount to collect, then tap “Done.” From there, you can add other optional info such as an email address, tax information, or a note. When you’re ready to take payment, tap “Take payment” and then “Tap to Pay.” The rest of the process will work the same as above.

Note that, because this method of taking payments does not specify a product, no inventory adjustments will be made when payment is collected.