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WooCommerce Payments FAQs


  • Does WooCommerce Payments support Subscriptions and recurring payments?

    WooCommerce Payments supports selling subscription products and charging automatic recurring payments. Unlike other payment gateways for WooCommerce, which require the use of the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension to sell subscriptions, WooCommerce Payments both supports the Subscriptions extension and offers built-in subscription functionality that can be used to sell subscriptions without the extension. That means when using […]

  • Do I need WooCommerce Payments for all other payment gateways?

    No, WooCommerce Payments is a full-service payment gateway built by WooCommerce for WooCommerce. You do not need WooCommerce Payments to enable other payment gateways found in our marketplace. In fact, you can also use WooCommerce Payments alongside other payment gateways for your business needs. However, by doing so you’ll have to reconcile your transactions and […]

  • Can I migrate my information between accounts?

    It’s common that merchants may experience the need to migrate information between accounts. We have seen this for merchants wishing to migrate from one WooCommerce Payments account to another WooCommerce Payments account, or migrating from a Stripe account to a WooCommerce Payments account. Below you will find the steps necessary to start the migration process. […]

  • Why is my account showing a negative balance?

    Sometimes your account may show a negative balance. Your WooCommerce Payments account balance may become negative when the current value of charges that have not yet been deposited into your account is less than the sum of current refunds and disputes including fees. As more payments are received, this will cover the negative balance over […]

  • How do I remove duplicate accounts?

    Duplicate accounts can happen with WooCommerce Payments. Sometimes you start onboarding and then have to step away and not finish. When you go through setup again you may get a notice that there is another WooCommerce Payments account set up with your same email address. Here’s how to remedy it: Contact WooCommerce Support In your […]

  • Does WooCommerce Payments use Stripe Radar?

    Yes, WooCommerce Payments has Stripe Radar built in, providing merchants with the confidence that risky transactions, card cashers and testers will be blocked using Stripe’s machine learning capabilities. The Radar rules run on WooCommerce Payments accounts are managed by WooCommerce team and can not be modified by store owners. You can learn more about fraud […]

  • Does WooCommerce Payments have any fraud prevention enabled?

    WooCommerce Payments leverages a fraud prevention tool, Radar from our partnership with Stripe. This provides you with confidence that risky transactions, especially those from card cashers and testers, will be blocked using machine learning capabilities trained across billions of dollars worth of transactions. Radar’s functionality provides real-time fraud detection on every payment coming through your […]

  • Getting started with In-Person Payments with WooCommerce Payments

    Welcome to In-Person Payments with WooCommerce Payments! With the launch of In-Person Payments with WooCommerce Payments, we’re excited to have you join us on this journey as we bring tap, swipe, chip card, and mobile wallet payments to your store! In-Person Payments with WooCommerce Payments is available to qualified US merchants using iPhone, iPad, or […]

  • WooCommerce Payments FAQs

    Pricing & Fees What are the fees for WooCommerce Payments? Why aren’t fees refunded when I refund a charge with WooCommerce Payments? Why is there a debit from WCPAYMENTS on my bank account? What foreign exchange fees are charged with WooCommerce Payments? Getting Paid What’s the difference between a Payout and a Deposit in WooCommerce […]

  • What happens to my subscriptions if I disable the WooCommerce Payments gateway?

    When using WooCommerce Payments, you have two options to sell subscription products: Built-in subscription functionality; or WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. When using the subscriptions functionality built-in to WooCommerce Payments, subscription purchases can only be processed via WooCommerce Payments. Other payment gateways will not be available on checkout when a subscription product is in the cart if […]

  • What happens to my subscriptions if I deactivate WooCommerce Payments?

    When using WooCommerce Payments, you have two options to sell subscription products: Built-in subscription functionality; or WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. If you deactivate the WooCommerce Payments plugin when using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, then subscriptions using WooCommerce Payments as the payment method will transition to use manual renewals. Renewal orders will be created once payment is […]

  • Which add-ons are compatible with subscriptions built-in to WooCommerce Payments?

    WooCommerce Payments offers two options for selling subscriptions. These two different offerings are powered by the same codebase. This makes it possible for most extensions that add features to WooCommerce Subscriptions, like All Products for Subscriptions, to also add those same features to WooCommerce Payments’ built-in subscription functionality. However, often extensions check if the WooCommerce […]

  • What are the fees for WooCommerce Payments?

    WooCommerce Payments uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model. You pay only for activity on the account. No setup fee or monthly fee. Fees differ based on the country of your account and country of your customer’s card. The full list of fees for available countries is listed below. Please note that in the event of a […]

  • WooCommerce Payments Card Reader Return Policy

    WooCommerce offers a 90-day return policy upon purchase of a BBPOS Chipper on WooCommerce.com. Please contact WooCommerce Support to start the returns process. Readers must be in their original condition and original packaging, and in good condition. You must return all products, cords and cables, including parts and documentation that were included in the original […]

  • WooCommerce In-Person Payments Quick Start Guide

    Package Contents 1x BBPOS Chipper 2X BT Card Reader 1x Micro USB Charging Cable 1x Lanyard 1x Double-sided tape Application Download & Installation This device supports iOS & Android. Make sure you have Jetpack, WooCommerce, and WooCommerce Payments installed and activated on your WooCommerce store. Download the WooCommerce Mobile App for iOS or Android. If you […]

  • Why am I seeing an increase in failed orders and failed payments?

    On occasion, you may see an increase in the number of orders coming through to your store with the failed status. If your store has a large number of orders with the failed status from a short period of time, or orders with a large number of order notes on failed orders with decline messages, […]

  • How do I update my contact details such as email address or phone number in Stripe?

    You WooCommerce Payments account may have contact details associated with: Business that owns the account; and/or Individual user associated with the account. Contact information, like the email address or phone number, for each of these can be changed via the Stripe Express account dashboard. Updating user email or phone number To change the contact details […]

  • Is WooCommerce Payments PCI Compliant?

    Overview Yes, WooCommerce Payments itself is PCI compliant but merchants still need to be aware of the core PCI-DSS core requirements. For more general information, please see our PCI-DSS Compliance and WooCommerce documentation. What makes WooCommerce Payments PCI Compliant? WooCommerce Payments uses a hosted payment field for handling all payment card data, so the cardholder […]

  • How do I access my Stripe account for WooCommerce Payments?

    WooCommerce Payments is built in partnership with Stripe. In some cases, you may need to access your Stripe account for WooCommerce Payments. For example, if Stripe request you provide additional information for verification, like a photo ID, or you need to update your contact details, bank accounts or other business details. To access your Stripe […]

  • How do I update my name or business name with WooCommerce Payments?

    If you created your WooCommerce Payments account under a company, you can update the name your business operates under by adding a Doing Business As Name to your account. Changing the Business name To change your business name: Go to Payments > Settings. Click Manage in Stripe to be taken to Stripe.com Click the pencil […]

  • How do I update my tax ID number with WooCommerce Payments?

    You can update the tax ID number associated with your account at Stripe.com. You can reach your account at Stripe.com via WooCommerce Payments: Go to Payments > Settings. Click Manage in Stripe to be taken to Stripe.com Click the pencil icon in the Business Details (company accounts) or Personal Details (individual accounts) section. Find the […]

  • How do I set a debit card as my payout method?

    To use the WooCommerce Payments instant deposit feature, you must have an eligible debit card connected to your WooCommerce Payments account for deposits. To add a debit card as the payout method on your account: Go to Payments > Settings Click Manage in Stripe Click the pencil icon next to Payout details Click Debit card […]

  • How do I change my deposit account information with WooCommerce Payments?

    You can update the account that receives deposits to a different bank account or debit card. This information can be accessed via your Payments > Settings screen. It will take you to update your information at Stripe.com. You can reach your account at Stripe.com via WooCommerce Payments. To change your bank account information: Go to […]

  • Migrating to WooCommerce Payments from Stripe

    If you’re looking to move your store to WooCommerce Payments from Stripe, you can use this migration guide to start using WooCommerce Payments on your WooCommerce store. Note: This guide covers migration from Stripe to WooCommerce Payments for sites that don’t currently process subscriptions with Stripe, and that don’t have saved customer payment information in […]

  • Translations (Localization)

    Why some strings are not being translated? You may see that some of the strings are not being translated. Up-to-date translations are automatically downloaded for supported languages, but you can manually trigger an update by going to Dashboard > Updates and clicking on the button to update translations. If the problem persists, you can manually […]

  • What is the difference between a scheduled deposit and instant deposit?

    With WooCommerce Payments, after a shopper makes a purchase with your store, the funds from the transaction are placed into a pending balance on your account. With scheduled deposits for a US account, these funds will remain in the pending balance for two days before being moved to the available balance and then being automatically […]

  • Can I get an instant payout for my account balance?

    Yes, eligible accounts can use WooCommerce Payments’ instant deposit feature to request a payout for some or all of the available balance to a connected debit card and the balance will arrive in your account within minutes.

  • How do I clear the WooCommerce Payments account cache?

    To improve performance, WooCommerce Payments caches details about your account within WordPress. On occasion, you be asked by the WooCommerce team to clear this cache, for example: If the WooCommerce > Payments > Settings screen is displaying incorrect information, like an out-of-date account status. If the WooCommerce team update something about your account in our […]

  • Can I sell CBD and Other Hemp-Derived Products with WooCommerce Payments?

    At WooCommerce, we support merchants selling CBD online. However, due to restrictions from our payment service provider, and their financial service providers, some businesses and product types are not allowed to transact using WooCommerce Payments. This restriction includes CBD products. We are working with our payments partners to make it possible to sell CBD via […]

  • What foreign exchange fees are charged with WooCommerce Payments?

    When the currency of a payment differs to the currency of your deposit, WooCommerce Payments charges a currency conversion fee as part of the transaction. This fee is 1% or 2%, depending on the fees for your country. The fee is added to the total transaction fees. For example, for a US account with the […]

  • What currency is used to determine fees in a transaction with WooCommerce Payments?

    With WooCommerce Payments, the transaction fees for most countries include both a fixed and variable component. For example, 2.9% may be the variable component and $.30 USD the fixed amount. The fixed amount of a transaction fee is determined using the currency of the account’s country. For example, for accounts registered in Great Britain (GB), […]

  • What currencies can I accept with WooCommerce Payments?

    WooCommerce Payments supports selling in multiple currencies. The currencies available for a customer depend on the payment methods available. For example, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay cards can only be charged in U.S. dollars (USD). Visa and Mastercard payments can be processed in over 100 different currencies. The full list of available currencies is […]

  • What is Form 1099-K?

    What is Form 1099-K? Form 1099-K is an information filing required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States. WooCommerce Payments is required to issue a Form 1099-K to U.S. persons with payments processed that exceed the following thresholds: $20,000 gross payments volume, AND 200 transactions Additional information can be found on the […]

  • Why does Stripe say that my account is linked to a business that works with Stripe?

    When attempting to access the Stripe dashboard via the Forgot Password feature with the email address connected to your WooCommerce Payments account, you may encounter the following error: This account is linked to a business that works with Stripe. To view details, sign in to their website or app directly. While your activity with WooCommerce […]

  • How do I sign-up for Stripe with the email on my WooCommerce Payments account?

    When attempting to sign-up for a Stripe account using the same email address used to sign-up to WooCommerce Payments, you may receive the following error: An account already exists with this email. If you’d like to create a new Stripe account with the same email address, sign in and follow the instructions to manage multiple accounts. While a […]

  • Why does WooCommerce Payments require a WordPress.com account?

    WooCommerce Payments uses a WordPress.com account to connect your site to the WooCommerce Payments servers. It is used to ensure that requests (e.g. for payments, refunds, etc) from your site are securely and correctly attributed to your store.

  • Why is there a charge from WooPay.id on my credit card?

    If you see WooPay.id on your credit card statement, it does not mean you made a purchase with WooCommerce.com. Instead, it means you made a purchase with a business accepting payments via WooCommerce Payments, a service like PayPal. Businesses use WooCommerce Payments to sell many different types of products, including: Physical products, like clothing or […]

  • Why is there a debit from WCPAYMENTS or WooCommerce Payments on my bank account?

    Your WooCommerce Payments account balance may become negative when the current value of charges that have not yet been deposited into your account is less than the sum of current refunds and disputes including fees. If your account goes into a negative balance, WooCommerce Payments will debit the negative amount of the balance from your […]

  • Does WooCommerce Payments require the Jetpack plugin?

    The Jetpack plugin is not required to use WooCommerce Payments. WooCommerce Payments requires you to connect your site with WordPress.com, and this connection is powered by Jetpack services; however, the Jetpack plugin itself is not required for the connection. The Jetpack plugin may still be separately installed alongside WooCommerce Payments to add additional security, performance, […]

  • Can I use my existing Stripe account with WooCommerce Payments?

    It is not possible to use an existing Stripe account with WooCommerce Payments. WooCommerce Payments is built in partnership with Stripe. It uses a special Stripe Express account connected to WooCommerce Payments rather than a Standard Stripe account. The Express account is created when you sign up for WooCommerce Payments and used for all transactions […]

  • Does WooCommerce Payments support 3D Secure?

    WooCommerce Payments supports 3D Secure to require an additional verification step for payments. 3D Secure is supported via both your store’s checkout and the Pay for Order page. To view the checkout flow on your store with an additional verification step, you can use a 3D Secure test card with WooCommerce Payments in Test Mode.

  • Does WooCommerce Payments support Pre-Orders?

    WooCommerce Payments may support WooCommerce Pre-Orders in a future version. If you would like to use WooCommerce Payments to sell pre-orders, please request or vote for it on the WooCommerce Payments Ideas board.

  • I got a chargeback with WooCommerce Payments? What do I need to do?

    Disputes – where one of your customers has disputed a charge with his or her credit card provider – are an unfortunate part of accepting payments online. Disputes are handled by your customer’s bank, so while we cannot provide specific information about how a dispute will be reviewed, we do want you to have the […]

  • What products are not permitted on my store when accepting payments with WooCommerce Payments?

    Due to restrictions from card networks, our payment service providers, and their financial service providers, some businesses and product types that are not allowed to transact using WooCommerce Payments, including but not limited to: Virtual currency, including video game or virtual world credits Counterfeit goods Adult content and services Drug paraphernalia (including e-cigarette, vapes and […]

  • What’s the difference between a Payout and a Deposit in WooCommerce Payments?

    After you receive a successful payment via WooCommerce Payments, the balance of that payment, after transaction fees, will be added to your account balance. This account balance is regularly transferred into your bank account or debit card. With WooCommerce Payments, these transfers are referred to as Deposits. You may be familiar with Payouts from other […]

  • When will I receive deposits for my WooCommerce Payments account balance?

    For most accounts, WooCommerce Payments automatically pays out your available account balance into your nominated account daily after a standard pending period. Payments received each day become part of the pending balance. That pending balance will become available after a pending period. On the day it becomes available, it will be automatically paid out to […]

  • Why are deposits to my WooCommerce Payments account suspended?

    On occasion, automatic deposits may be suspended on a WooCommerce Payments account. This can happen for reasons including: Your account needs to provide additional business information to be verified. Payouts show “Temporarily suspended” due to being on an alternative deposit schedule. Your account is still on the initial 7-day waiting period before automatic deposits are […]

  • Why aren’t fees refunded when I refund a charge with WooCommerce Payments?

    When you refund a payment to a customer, the fees paid on that transaction will not be refunded to your WooCommerce Payments account. When a charge is processed, we incur costs from the card networks (Visa and Mastercard) and payment partners with which we work. Because these networks establish the rules and guidelines for refunded […]

  • Why is my WooCommerce Payments account restricted?

    On rare occasions, card payments and deposits may be stopped on an account. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including: Your account needed to provide additional information to be validated and the deadline to provide that information has passed; Dispute activity has increased substantially on the account beyond reasonable thresholds; and Our payments […]

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