How does Affiliate Program for WooCommerce Work

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important advertising tools that helps  the Site Admins to generate more traffic, Product vendors to sell their product easily, Affiliate Customers to earn profit by promoting the products and customers to buy genuine products. So Affiliate Programming is a win-win situation for everyone that can easily be achieved by using Affiliate Program for the WooCommerce plugin. To make the plugin work three different parties must be involved 

  • Site Administrator(Product Vendor or seller)
  • Affiliate Customers
  • Guest Users or customers
  • Site Administrator

Site Administrator(Product Vendor or seller):

Admin will do the setup of the plugin

Create the Affiliate Users through the User role 

keep track of commissions through the reports.

Update the commission of the affiliate users by Navigating User’s Profiles.

Affiliate Customers

Affiliate Customers

Affiliate Customer Will copy the link by navigating to My Account Page

Share the link to their Customers

If the affiliate Customer is a blogger or has a blogging website, He can embed the link into his posts

On successfully placed order he will get the commission

He also can track his earning, Total balance, etc. through WooCommerce My Account page

Customers or Guest Users

Customers will visit the affiliates website 

Users will use the shared link and navigate to the my-account page( for registration) of the product vendor’s Website.

When he/she completes the signup, they are supposed to be an affiliate referred user.

Now this referred user makes a purchase on the Product Vendors site.

After purchase, when the order status becomes completed then the affiliate user will get commission as per the commission  set by admin.