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Advanced Donation


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  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go toWordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin the file you have downloaded.
  3. Install Now and Activate.
More information at Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions.

Initial Setup

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Campaign Goal Settings

Select Campaign Type: Choose whether the campaign has a target goal amount. When the goal is selected, you can add the amount that you need to collect. Progress Bar: A progress bar can be displayed for campaigns with a goal. You can enable/disable the progress bar and show the progress based on:
  • Number of donations
  • Amount Raised
  • Percentage of goal amount raised
Ending a Campaign: Merchants can either manually end the donation by clicking  Close Campaign or set the campaign to automatically close based on:
  • Goal Amount is raised
  • On specific date
  • After X days
  • On X number of donations
You can also customize a custom message to be displayed on the frontend notifying customers that the campaign is closed and no longer accepting donations.

Campaign Settings (Donation as Product or Fee)

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From within Campaign Settings, you can configure donation amounts and donation types. Donation can either be a product or cart/checkout fee.

Donation as fee

When donation as fee is selected,  this appears as a fee on the cart and checkout pages. You can choose to display it on cart or checkout page from the “Location” section.
  • Add Fee in fixed amount or percentage of cart total.
  • Add message to appear with fee
Note: Donation as fee campaigns can have a set goal and progress bar but does not support recurring payments.

Donation as Product

When donation is added as product, the extension will automatically create a new product in the All Products section. The product will be created using the settings you configure here. Even though a separate product has been created, you will still be able to manage any donation related settings from this campaign NOT from the product page.
  • Product type: When the donation as product is selected, you can choose to make the product virtual and downloadable.
  • Custom Amounts: Select “Add Options” if you wish to add custom amounts that will be displayed on front end for customer to choose from.
  • Amount Field: Select “Open Amount Field” checkbox to display an amount field to let customers enter any amount they wish. You can further customize the field options to display it as separate field or show as “Other Amount” option.
  • Limit Amount:  You can add minimum and maximum donation amount a person can enter and pay using the custom amount field.

Donation Causes

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You can choose to add multiple causes for donations if needed to let customers know where the funds might be used.

Recurring Donation (Subscription)

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You will notice a Recurring Donation section while creating donation campaigns if WooCommerce Subscriptions is active on your store and the Donation type is “Product.” Currently, the extension only supports the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. Once enabled, you can define the recurring payment options here or let customers set the recurring time frame, options include daily, weekly, monthly, yearly – depending on the intervals offered by WooCommerce Subscriptions. Note: Once the product is created, you might need to edit the relevant product and set the product type to simple subscription.

Location (Cart and Checkout)

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You can choose where to display the donation campaign on the cart and checkout page. The position and layout can be customized from WooCommerce > Settings > Donation > Cart Settings and Checkout Settings.

Managing Donation Campaigns

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Once the donation campaign has been created, you can manage the campaign from WooCommerce > Donation > Campaigns.

General Settings

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Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Donation to manage the general settings of the extension. You can disable the following campaigns table columns from appearing on cart and checkout pages:
  • Disable Thumbnails
  • Disable Description
  • Disable Causes

Cart Settings

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Using the cart settings you can customize:
  • Cart display position (Before or After Cart table or After Cart Total)
  • Show as popup or in-page
  • Choose display format (Flex, List, Table)
When popup option is selected, you can customize the following popup options:
  • Auto load popup or add button to load on click
  • Custom popup heading and button label

Checkout Settings

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Using the Checkout settings you can customize:
  • Checkout display position (After Cart Content or Before Order Button)
  • Show as popup or in-page
  • Choose display format (Flex, List, Table)
When popup option is selected, you can customize the following popup options:
  • Auto load popup or add button to load on click
  • Custom popup heading and button label

Style Settings

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Using the style settings tab, you can customize the button and text colors of the following:
  • Progress Bar
  • Donate Button
  • Popup Button

Shortcode & Notifications

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Using the shortcode, you can choose to display donation campaigns anywhere on your website. Use the variables to customize display options within the shortcode.
Using the notifications tab, you can customize the notification that appears once the donation product is added to cart.