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Step 1: Create a Bankful Account

Head over to the Bankful website and click on ‘Sign Up.’ Take note of the email and password used during sign up, as these will also be the credentials you need to activate your Bankful plugin.
After submitting your information, you’ll be contacted by a Bankful representative to walk you through the application process. When your account is approved, you’ll receive a verification email to confirm setup of your Bankful gateway.

Step 2: Get Started

The verification email will provide a link to select your Bankful package and add your billing information. After this is complete, you will have access to your Bankful portal.  

Step 3: Activate your Payment Method

Once you are in your Bankful dashboard, click credit cards on the left sidebar to configure your preferred payment method.  

Step 4: Install the Bankful Plugin

Open the WordPress Admin of your website, and click ‘Plugin’ and then ‘Add New.’  Search for ‘Bankful’ in the plugin directory. Click on ‘Install Now.’  

Step 5: Add your Bankful Credentials

Head back to your WordPress dashboard to integrate Bankful. Go to ‘Plugins,’ click  ‘Add New,’ and search for ‘Bankful’. Click install and activate it. 
For a seamless integration, click ‘Bankful Settings’ and enter the credentials that you used when you created your Bankful account into the Live API Username and Password (do not change the test credentials).

Step 6: Test your WooCommerce Store

To see how it works, visit your store, add a product to the cart, and proceed to checkout. You’ll notice the Bankful payment method you configured earlier. Complete a test purchase to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Step 7: Go Live!

Once you’re satisfied with the test and your Bankful account is fully approved, head back to your Bankful plugin settings within your WordPress Admin dashboard. Switch from ‘Test’ mode to ‘Live’ to start accepting real payments.

There you have it! Your WooCommerce store is now fully integrated with Bankful and ready to accept payments. That’s how easy it is to get started with Bankful. Happy selling!