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Geolocation Based Products Filter for WooCommerce

Restricts users of certain countries with the help of WooCommerce geolocation from accessing your eCommerce website or selected products and categories.


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Download GEO IP for WooCommerce from your WooCommerce dashboard.

At the WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded.

Click Install Now, and then Activate Plugin. 

Setup and Configuration

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To access plugin settings, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > GEO IP > Add New Rule.

Rule Information

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Rule name: Set the custom rule name. It is compulsory in order to save the rule.

Rule priority: Set the priority of the rule. If more than one rule is applied on the same item then a rule with high priority will work.

Block site after API limit: Enable or Disable the whole site after the API Limit is reached. (10 queries per second)

API limit reached message: Include a customized error message when the API limit is reached.

Start date: Choose the start date of the specific rule.

End date: Set the end date of the specific rule.

Block whole website: Click on the checkbox to block the whole website. Restricted country users will not be able to see the website.

Rule message: You can choose between Default or Customize message. It will be shown to the restricted user.

Exceptional IP: Include exceptional IPs to allow visitors from specific IPs. These IPs will not be blocked or redirected.

Status: You can Enable/ Disable the WooCommerce GEO IP rule.


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Check entire regions or specific countries to block from visiting the site or uncheck to allow.


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You can select the specific categories to hide from the users coming from a restricted area. Enter the ID number of categories or select from the table.


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You can hide specific products from users coming from a restricted area. The ID of the products can be entered manually or selected from the table.


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Users coming from restricted areas can be blocked from viewing specific pages. Choose from the table or enter the ID of the products.


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Enable redirection: Checkbox to enable the redirection. Users from a specific country will be redirected to the specified URL.

Add Countries: Add a specific country from which the users will be redirected.Redirect URL: Insert the URL on which the user from a specific country will redirect. However, you can checkbox to redirect all except countries listed.