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Product Variations Table Listing

Setup and Configuration

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General Settings

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From the general settings tab you can,
  • Enable/Disable Variations Table (The table wont display if this option is unchecked)
  • Enable/Disable Export Buttons
    • Copy Button.
    • Export to Excel Button.
    • Export as CSV Button.
    • Export as PDF Button.
    • Print Button.
  • Enable/Disable Bulk Add to Cart option.

Variation Table

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From the “variations table” tab, you can customize the table data, display position, and pagination.

Table Display Position:

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The extension offers multiple pre-defined positions to display variations table on your product page which includes:
  • After product summary
  • Before product page
  • Before add to cart form
  • After add to cart form
  • After product page
  • After main content
ShortCode: You can also use the shortcode to display the table anywhere on your website.
[ka_pvt_variation_table product_id=”15″] Where “15” is the id of the product and you would need to add the correct of your product to display the table.

Variation Data:

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Select the Product Variations Data to be shown in the variations table. The following options can be selected:
  • Quantity of a product to be ordered
  • Image
  • Description
  • Attributes
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Name
  • Add to Cart
  • SKU
  • Stock Availability
The above tabs can be reordered and rearranged to create a custom Variations Table with these columns.

Description Limit

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You can display the product description in the variations table. The minimum count is 20 characters. Use the textbox to define the maximum letter count for the description.


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Enable/Disable Pagination to divide the table data into multiple pages. Products per page Define the number of products to be displayed per page of the variations table.

Include/Exclude Products:

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You can choose to enable a variation table for specific products and categories. The extensions offer both inclusion and exclusion conditions to easily enable variations for specific products.

Enable for Selected User Roles:

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Inclusion setting for Specific User Roles such as the Administrator, Editor, Customer, or Guest User can be defined. Enable the User Roles to be included, these shall be able to view the variations Table. In case of no user being enabled, all users including guests shall be able to view the table.

Advanced Settings

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Using the advanced settings you can add custom CSS and change the color of table rows and buttons. Custom CSS: Enable and custom CSS for styling your variations table. Variation Table Rows Background Color: Select specific background colors for odd and even rows to create a custom look for the Variation table. Variation Table Header: Select the following options for the variation table header:
  • Background color
  • Text Color
  • Text Alignment
  • Text Padding
Custom Styling: Select the Background Color and Text Color for the following Buttons to customize the table:
  • Bulk Add to Cart
  • Add to Cart
  • Export Buttons