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WooCommerce Customize Your Store

WooCommerce 8.8 introduces a new feature “Customize Your Store” which allows you to easily design the look and feel of their online store without coding. With Customize Your Store feature you can choose from predefined color palettes, fonts, headers, footers and more using an intuitive pattern assembler interface.

This innovative upgrade replaces the previous personalization onboarding task and leverages WordPress’ powerful site editing capabilities. You can now spend more time growing your business and less time wrestling with themes and code. This documentation will provide you with comprehensive insights and instructions for customizing your store.

Built-In Store Designer

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WooCommerce 8.8 comes with a new Built-in Store Designer. To customize your store’s appearance, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Home
  2. Click on the “Start customizing” button or the “Customize your store” link.
  3. You’ll be taken to Customize Your Store, where you can personalize fonts, colors, layouts, and more.
  4. On your first visit, choose an existing theme or create your design by selecting “Start designing.”
  5. If your active theme is TT4, clicking “Start designing” will take you to the Pattern Assembler to customize your store design
    • Note: This feature currently utilizes the Twenty-twenty-four (TT4) theme.
    • If your current theme is different, you’ll be prompted to switch to TT4 before accessing the Pattern Assembler

Pattern Assembler: Customize Store Design

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Once you’re in, an onboarding tour will guide you through the customization process and lead you through its features to customize the Styles and Layout of your store.

Add your logo

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You can add, delete, or replace your site’s logo from here to ensure it resonates with your brand.

Choose your color palette

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Play around with 18 predefined color pairings, or craft your own to customize your site with the palette of your choice.

Choose fonts

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Explore each one of the 8 font pairings available. An important aspect of this feature is that it is powered by the new WordPress Font Library.

Choose your Header, Homepage, and Footer

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Choose designs for your Header, Homepage, and Footer that represent your brand to make your site stand out.

Once you have completed designing your store, you can review your site design before proceeding to set up your store.

Store Setup Checklist

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Once you’ve customized your store design, you may continue to complete the Store Setup Checklist to get your online business rolling.