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Assorted Products

Empower your customers allowing to sort & create the assorted product bundles of their own choice from the collection of specific products, categories and complete shop. 

How To Create Assorted Products?

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After installing & activating the plugin go to Products > Add New Product, while selecting the product type in product data tab, you will find the new product type Assorted Product. On selecting the Assorted Product type two new setting tabs will appear Assorted Product & Extra Product Options

Layout Options

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The plugin supports two types of layouts i.e, left side items listings & right side items listings.

Pricing Types

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Three pricing types are supported for the assorted products i.e.  Fixed Regular Price: This option supports the product’s regular price set in the General tab irrespective of the items selected by customer to create bundle. Per Item Price: This option enables the price of bundle to be calculated on the front-end summing up the price of the items’ prices selected by the customer. Per Product + Bundle Price: This option calculates the bundle price by adding its regular price with selected items’ prices.

Minimum & Maximum Bundle Items

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Minimum & maximum bundle products validates the quantity of the items added by the customers in order to add the bundle to cart. The customer must add the minimum products forced by the admin & less than or equal to the maximum products.

Assorted Product Items

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There are three ways to assign the product items for an assorted product.  Choose Categories: Adding specific categories will show all product items in the respective categories for customers to choose the specific items of their own choice.  Choose Products: Admin can also add specific products for assorted product by searching in the text field. All Products: Selecting this option will allow customers to choose specific items from complete store products.

Tax & Shipping Options

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Allow Tax Calculation: Enabling this options allows to calculate tax for assorted products. Per Item Shipping: Enabling this option will allow the per item shipping for bundle product items.

Gift Message

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Enable a message field allowing customers to add the specific message, this supports text & textarea field to collect the information from users & the message will be sent in the order details in the backend as well as in order emails.

Assorted Products General Settings

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Assorted Product’s Short Description

Enable the assorted product’s short description from plugin’s general settings. Choose the position where you want to show the product description. The plugin supports six different locations on the assorted products page.

Filters & Pagination

Page Per Items: Set the page per limit for the assorted product items’ pagination to load more. Hide Search Filters: Enable or disable the search filters on the assorted product page.

Change Frontend Labels

Manage all the frontend labels used on assorted product page from plugin’s general settings.