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Invoice Payment Option

Setup and Configuration

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While creating a new rule you can:

Invoice based on shipping:

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Choose specific shipping methods to display the invoice payment method when any of these are selected. Under this section, you can also choose to enable invoice payment method for virtual products.

User roles and customers:

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Specify to which user roles and customers you want to display the invoice payment option.

Cart amount, quantity and product:

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 Cart amount range: You can add minimum and maximum amount, the invoice payment option will appear if order amount falls within that range. Cart quantity range: Just like cart amount, you can add min and max quantity range. As soon as the quantity range falls in the limit, the invoice payment option will appear. Product in Cart: You can specify individual product, product category or tag. The invoice payment option will appear if any of the selected product is in cart. Country, City, State, Zip Codes: You can specify country, city, states or zip codes to display the invoice payment option. You can add comma separated or range of zipcodes using “-“.


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Does extension creates a PDF Invoice? No, the extension does not create PDF invoices, you would need to use Xero, Quickbooks or any PDF invoice extension to send PDF invoice. How to send payment link to customer? You can move the order to pending payment and from order actions, you can trigger an email to the customer with order details and the payment link.