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Marketing Hub

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WooCommerce 4.1 introduces a new Marketing menu item to the WordPress Dashboard.

The hub currently consists of four core components:

  • Installed Marketing Extensions
  • Recommended Extensions
  • WooCommerce Knowledge Base
  • Coupons Management

Installed extensions

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Installed Extensions component

Once a recognized marketing extension is installed this component consolidates them and provides you with a link to the next step needed to complete the setup of your extension:

  • Activate – If the extension is installed but not activated you will be presented with a link to Activate the extension. Clicking “Activate” will activate the extension.
  • Finish setup – If the extension is both installed and activated but there is a still a setup step remaining (perhaps you need connect to an external service) you will be presented with a link to Finish setup. Clicking “Finish Setup” will direct you to the relevant admin page where you can complete the setup process.

Once setup for an extension is complete the component provides you a with a centralized place to access links relevant to your installed marketing extensions. These links include:

  • Docs – Linking through to the extension documentation (whether WooCommerce Docs or elsewhere).
  • Get Support – Linking through to the most appropriate place to receive support (whether WooCommerce Support or elsewhere).
  • Settings – Linking through to the extensions settings admin page (if available).
  • Dashboard – Linking through to the to extension dashboard admin page (if available).

Recognized extensions

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Initially the Installed Extensions component will recognize a small selection of extensions. We will review and assess the number and scope of integrations included based on merchant usage and feedback.

Recognized extensions include:

Recommended extensions

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Recommended Extensions

This component displays a limited set of recommendations for official WooCommerce extensions that can be helpful to marketing your store.

These recommendations are contextual. If you already have the extension installed it will not be recommended to you.

Disabling Recommended Extensions

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This component respects the existing Marketplace Suggestions “Show Suggestions” option. The option is located at WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > WooCommerce.com under the Marketplace Suggestions heading.

To disable this component simply uncheck the “Show Suggestions” option and click Save Settings.

Marketplace Suggestions Option Location

WooCommerce Knowledge Base

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Knowledge base component

The final component of the hub is a curated listing of marketing related content from the WooCommerce.com blog focused on helping you to discover new suggestions and ideas to support your marketing efforts.

Clicking on an article will open the content within a new tab within your browser.

Coupons Management

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The Coupons section is where you can view and add coupons to offer discounts and track campaigns. Coupons can be applied by customers on the cart/checkout pages.

More information at: Coupon Management.