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Mini Cart for WooCommerce

Display the cart in top menu, fly-out or anywhere in the site using shortcode.


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  1. Download Mini Cart for WooCommerce and have your .zip file
  2. At the WordPress admin panel, go to the Plugins section, and click ‘Add New’ to upload and install the plugin.
  3. Upload the .zip file to proceed with the installation.
  4. Wait until the plugin installs. After successful installation, activate the plugin, and move on to configuration settings.

Setup and Configuration

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At the back end go to WooCommerce > Mini Cart > General Settings. Here you will find the Settings.

General Settings

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Here you can configure the following settings:

  • Display Cart in Menu: Option to display the cart in the menu. You can enable or disable this feature.
  • Select Menu: Select the menu in which you want to display the men
  • Display Shopping Cart Icon: Select yes to display the shipping cart icon.
  • Choose a Cart Icon: Choose a cart icon that you want to display or upload a custom icon.
  • Choose Custom Icon: Upload a custom icon for the mini cart
  • Always Display Cart: Select this if you always want to display the cart even when the cart is empty.
  • Display Fly Out: Select to display chart contents in the menu fly-out.
  • Flyout Item Truncation: Choose the maximum number of characters to display in the flyout. To use full product names enter 0.
  • Flyout Item Number: Set the maximum number of products in the fly-out.
  • What Would You Like To Display In The Menu?: Choose what you would like to display in the menu. You can choose the cart icon, price, or both.
  • Enable Product Page Add to Cart Ajax: Choose this to enable Ajax to “add to cart” on the product page.
  • Shortcode To Display Cart Anywhere On Your Site: Enter the shortcode to display the mini cart anywhere on your website.

Sliding Cart Settings

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In this section you will find the following settings:

  • Display Sliding Cart: Select to display the sliding cart.
  • Enable Fly-to Cart Animation: Select to enable fly-to-cart animation.
  • Enable Auto Show on Add to Cart: Select to enable the auto show slider on add to cart.
  • Select Slider Cart Position: Choose the position of the slider cart as left or right.
  • Sliding Cart Header Text: Enter the text that you want to display in the sliding cart header.
  • Sliding Cart Header Icon: Select the icon for the cart in the sliding header.
  • Enable Sliding Cart Rounded Corners: Select if you want to enable rounded corners for the sliding cart.

Sliding Cart Color Configurations

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You can configure the following color settings for the sliding cart.

  • Sliding Cart Header/Footer Color
  • Sliding Cart Header/Footer Text Color
  • Sliding Cart Product Section Background Color
  • Sliding Cart Product Section Text Color
  • Sliding Cart Buttons Background Color
  • Sliding Cart Buttons Text Color
  • Sliding Cart Buttons Background Hover Color
  • Sliding Cart Buttons Text Hover Color

Added to Cart Notification Settings

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In this section, you can set the following settings.

  • Enable Added to Cart Notification: Select to enable notification for “Added to Cart”.
  • Added to Cart Notification Background Color: Choose the background color for the added to cart notification.
  • Added to Cart Notification Text Color: Choose the color of the text for the mini cart added to cart notification.

Text & Links

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At the backend go to WooCommerce >Mini Cart > Text & Links. Here you can choose the text for various conditions and provide the links for cart and checkout.

  • Empty Cart: Enter the text for the empty cart for the main item hover.
  • View Cart: Enter the text you want to display for the main item hover & flyout.
  • Cart URL: Enter the URL for the cart.
  • Checkout URL: Enter the URL for the checkout.


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