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Tiered Discounts

Smart Coupons provides a powerful, “all-in-one” solution for gift cards, store credits, discount coupons and vouchers extending the core functionality of WooCommerce coupons.

Tiered discounts provide a huge range of benefits for users as well as store owners. The official Smart Coupons plugin helps you achieve this easily by using the extensive range of features that are available in the plugin.

How do I provide a tiered discount?

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To provide tiered or stackable discounts, you would need to create multiple coupons. For instance, we are going to provide a 5%, 10%, and 15% discount when a customer purchases T-shirts in ranges of 2–5, 6–10, and 11–15. Following are the steps:

Creating Coupons

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  1. Navigate to your WordPress admin panel. Then go to Marketing > Coupons.
  2. Auto generate or add your own coupon code.
  3. Create a new coupon with ‘Discount type: Percentage discount’.
  4. Enter coupon amount as 5.
  5. Enable auto apply.
  6. Navigate to ‘Usage restriction’ tab. Include the product that you want to give as discount in the ‘Product’ field. Here we are opting for T-shirt.Smart Coupons restricted product
  7. Scroll below and you will find the “Product quantity based restriction” section. Here, you can add the minimum quantity as 2 and the maximum quantity as 5 on the respective fields.Smart Coupons - Product quantity based restrictions
  8. Publish the coupon.

That’s it!

Now repeat the steps from 2 to 6 when creating the next coupon, and change the minimum and maximum quantity of the products to 6-10 and 11-15 respectively, for the consecutive coupons that you create.

By doing the above, you will have 3 coupons with stackable discounts. Since the auto apply option is enabled, this will automatically apply the coupons when the necessary coupon quantities are met in the cart or checkout page.

Here are two documents that make the above possible:

  1. How to Auto apply coupons.
  2. How to provide discounts based on product quantities