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Membership Suite – Restrict URL Access

You can restrict users from accessing specific URLs. Only users having the specific membership plan can access the restricted URLs.

Create membership plans by following the steps in Creating Membership Plan

In URL Restrictions” tab,

Click “Add Rule” button to create a new rule for URL restriction.

Give the title for the rule for your reference.

Give the URL to restrict in “URL” field.

In “Restriction Type” option, select “Alternate content” to show a different content for the users when the restriction is applied and select “Page” or “Popup” in “Show Alternate Content In” option to show the content in page/popup as per your requirement. Select “Excerpt content” to show only a summary of the contents and in “Number of Words to be Shown” option give the excerpt word count. Read more link will be automatically appended at the end of he excerpt content which when clicked, alternate content will be displayed. (Note: You can customize the alternate content in “Membership Suite > Settings > Messages > Alternate Content > Alternate Content for URL Restrictions”). Select “Redirection” if you want to redirect the users to a different page. Give the redirection URL in “Redirection URL” field.

By default, user gets access to restricted contents of the URL immediately after becoming the member. If you want to grant access only after some delay, then in “Give Content Access” option, select “After specific duration of becoming member” and select the delay time in “Give Content Access After” option. If you want to give access only after trial period, then select “After trial”.