Try WooCommerce Extensions Before You Buy

To test out the following extensions below, you can start a free trial of Woo Express here:

Note: Discover more about Woo Express from our documentation.
Additionally, you can try selected WooCommerce extensions for free for 30 days using a personal test site. Currently, free trials are available for the following:
Note: All sites via our 30-day trial are ineligible for help from the Woo Support team. See the FAQ for other options and answers.


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  • A account – no domain name, hosting plan, or existing site/store needed

How to Get Your 30-day Free Trial

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To set up a free WooCommerce test site with trial extensions installed and activated, just: 1. Go to the product page of the extension you want to test. 2. Select the option to Start Testing on the right side. 3. Select Create My Test Site when the pop-up displays. 4. Select Log in to confirm that this is the correct account to connect with. Not the right account? Select Sign in as a different user or Get help connecting. 5. Visit the Dashboard on your newly created store to see:
  • The number of days you have remaining in your 30-day trial.
  • Which extension you opted to test.
  • Where to get help with setup and configuration.
6. Go to Plugins to view which extensions you’re testing. WooCommerce and the selected extensions are pre-installed and activated for you. You can also select Activate on other extensions to test at the same time and see how they work together. Please note: the 30-day trial starts from the time of activation. 7. Set up and configure the extensions using our documentation – and enjoy! The site will automatically delete once your 30-day trial is complete.


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The extension I want to test isn’t on the list. When will you add it?

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We’re always looking to improve our features, and will add new extensions to the list on this page as the become available for free trials. In the meantime, you can still buy and try any WooCommerce extension you like as part of our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I clicked the Support link on the plugin, and it doesn’t work.

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Free trial extensions aren’t eligible for help from the Woo Happiness team.

Questions and Support

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While the Woo Happiness team doesn’t offer support for extensions while they are on a free trial, you can always try the extension for 30 days under our 30-day Money Back Guarantee, which includes support.