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  • Adding Shipping Dimensions to Products

    Measurement Settings Many of our API based Shipping Methods require that your products have dimensions and weights set. Before adding weights and dimensions you should first configure the units and ensure they are enabled: To choose the unit of measurement for your weight and dimensions, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products: After doing this, […]

  • Additional payment methods

    Merchants who use the Stripe WooCommerce Extension can accept credit cards, debit cards, and express payment methods. However, merchants can also offer additional payment options — in the form of local payment methods — to customers. This guide will cover: Which additional payment methods can I offer? The Stripe WooCommerce Extension supports the following additional […]

  • Additional Terms Pro

    Welcome to our comprehensive guide on setting up additional terms for your store. Clear and well-defined terms are essential for any business. In this documentation, you’ll find detailed, step-by-step instructions to configure your terms checkbox settings, enabling you to create a professional and transparent environment for your customers. Installation  Terms & Conditions Checkboxes To create […]

  • Address Auto-Complete For WooCommerce

    Scope of the document  Address Auto-Complete For WooCommerce is a extension which allows us to sync with google maps location detector at checkout page. Let’s suppose if anyone is selecting location from google map so the relevant address field will be fetched automatically and will reflect at Address, Country, City, State and Zip code fields. You don’t need to fill […]

  • Address Autocomplete

    Google Address Autocomplete For WooCommerce empowers the users to experience in autofill billing and / or shipping address fields. It is easy and fast, helping to get results for a specific country; therefore, it saves time for the checkout process. Guide For Plugin Installation After downloading the plugin from WooCommerce, follow the instructions to install […]

  • Admin Tools for WooCommerce

    Admin Tools is a set of utilities for WooCommerce shop owners, administrators and developers to secure, tune and debug their store.

  • Admin Tools for WooCommerce improves site performance

    If you are looking for a way to improve your website’s performance, you may want to consider using Apache’s mod_expires module. This module allows you to set expiration dates for certain types of files, which can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for your site to load. It’s worth noting that WordPress, the […]

  • Administrator experience with the Stripe WooCommerce Extension

    After the Stripe WooCommerce Extension is set up and configured, customers will be able to use it to complete purchases on your site. If you’d like to learn how to handle certain important aspects of managing your orders with the Stripe WooCommerce Extension — like issuing refunds and what details are added to your orders […]

  • Advanced Catalog Mode for WooCommerce

    Advanced Catalog Mode plugin allows you to apply advanced customizations to your store such as switching it into catalog mode for specific user roles. You can apply these customizations to unregistered/ guest users along with other registered user roles. Advanced Catalog Mode plugin is an ideal WooCommerce role-based catalog mode solution to: Switch your WooCommerce […]

  • Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce

    Advanced Flat Rate Shipping for WooCommerce is useful for WooCommerce store owners who want to charge a fixed amount of money or flat rate for shipping products while applying different conditions on the cart. This extension will only work when you manually create shipping methods and add the correct rules per your store’s needs. It […]